Liar Game: The Final Stage [Soundtrack][SubThai] - Liar Game: The Final Stage [บรรยายไทย]

Liar Game: The Final Stage [บรรยายไทย]
หมวดหมู่:   หนังญี่ปุ่น
ความยาวหนัง:   02:13
Rating:   7.3
ปีที่ออกฉาย:   2010
เสียง:   Japan
ผู้กำกับ:   Hiroaki Matsuyama
ผู้เขียนบท:    Shinobu Kaitani
นักแสดงหลัก:    Erika Toda, Kazuma Suzuki, Seiichi Tanabe
Quality:   NORMAL
It's time for the final challenge of the Liar Game. Only Akiyama and Fukunaga had earned tickets to participate, but when Yokoya decides to drop out, Nao gets invited to join. Unwilling at first, but when her worry over Akiyama soon overcomes her reluctance. In the final stage, nicknamed the Garden of Eden, a new voting game is set to take place. The game is set up so that all players can win money should they cooperate, but if they don't one player will win big while the others face bigger debts than ever before. It doesn't take long for the lies and backstabbing to begin, and the question remains whether Nao and Akiyama have any hope of winning and finally shut down the Liar Game for good.


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